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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Miriam Hedderson
      Great Product

      Our two cats - both 'big boys' - are very happy with this tree. It is the main feature of a climbing wall that we have created for them with 'shelves' to get up high and onto the top of kitchen cabinetry. We love the simplicity of the tree, its versatility (can swing the perches around to different angles) and its solid construction. Thanks for a really great is really well designed.

      Excellent product

      This cat tree is quick and easy to assemble (and disassemble), is made of quality materials, and is super sturdy. Once I properly levelled the base for my slightly uneven floors it has not even budged. I like that there are hooks to add toy attachments and that this product is versatile.

      I will be using the accessory holes on the top perch to secure a separate bed. My cat does enjoy napping on the top post cushion that comes with the product, but I want to put one of her favourite beds there instead. :) I like that the holes give me an easy way to safely do this. My cat loves play time using the different levels and jumping between them for treats.

      I highly recommend this product.

      Cat paradise

      Easy to put together and looks quite stylish. Very sturdy and my two cats love it. I love the simple lines and colour. It’s right beside the patio door so the cats can roam and gaze to their heart’s delight