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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Erika M
      Changed my mind

      We’ve had this hammock 3 years so yes, that is a decent amount of time but we have had to replace one of the crossbars and 5 suction cups in that time. 2 have just broken again. We are looking to buy a whole new hammock instead.

      Kieran Heilbron
      It was great....for 3 months

      Our cat loved this hammock and it was one of her favourite spots. It was super easy to install, looks really nice, and I love that it can be folded up if you like. It had no problem holding the weight of our cat (she's only 6 pounds though). After 3 months though one of the suction cups fell apart. The suction cups have threaded plastic in the center that allows the outer pieces to screw on and hold the hammock. Unfortunately the threaded plastic pieces are not attached very well to the suction cups and one had fallen out. I managed to fix it with some epoxy but when I put it back up, another one broke off as well pretty much immediately. Thankfully it didn't happen while my cat was sitting on it. I see they sell replacement suction cups but at the price it would cost to replace them every 3 months it's not really worth it. Instead I went to the hardware store and figured out a way to mount it to my wall next to the window. My cat hasn't tried it out in the new location yet but hopefully she will. I would be super happy if they were able to fix the suction cup design cause this is a really nice hammock otherwise.

      Easy to install, cat loves it

      This hammock was super quick and easy to install. It seems pretty sturdy, no issues so far. I like that you can move it around and that it doesn't damage the windows. My cat immediately took to it, it's one of her favourite spots now. Thinking about buying another for the front window too :)

      Anita Whytock
      Revised Review

      I initially was not happy with our purchase of the window perch for our one year old cat. We could not get the suction cups to remain in place without dumping our cat onto the floor. And my first review reflected my displeasure.
      I had an immediate response from Best Cat/Kyle and she sent us an e-mail with how the cups must be placed and in what order to maintain the suction. (the instructions that came with the perch were terrible) But, thanks to Kyle and her perseverance to ensure we were happy with their company and the product. I am now happy to say, the suction cups have not let go and now I just have to get my cat to trust the perch. I am sure with some time she will love her new view out out the front window.
      Best Cat is the best!
      Thank you Kyle.

      Kim Craig
      Window Perch Hammock

      Our 3 cats love this Hammock! Easy to install, looks great!
      Highly recommend! Best Cat has the best STUFF! Thank you!