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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Terrible smell

      Cat does not eat it at all. It also has weird smell. For that price such a bad quality.

      Jesse Smith
      Great wet food

      Our kittens both loved this food and I was able to split it into two meals for them. Love the brand of food.

      Dean Baggs
      Ziwi Peak

      Both of my 1 year old cats absolutely love the Ziwi Peak wet food. They have been on this for about 6 months. They were fostered on a major brand and we continued feeding them that poor quality food until I did some research on feline nutrition. What an eye opener. Turns out Ziwi Peak is one of the best quality ready to eat canned foods you can feed your cat. It mimics what a big cat would kill and eat in the wild. Of course you could order all the raw ingredients and additives and prepare your own but that’s not realistic for most people. I’d like to thank Best Cat for making Ziwi available in Canada.
      5 stars for Ziwi Peak and Best Cat. (JJ and Lola say thank you too!)