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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Yen Adamenkova
      Tastes great!

      I have a cat who has food allergies and must eat rabbit who does not like the taste of rabbit. This is the only brand of rabbit food that she happily eats. Thanks for having this food!

      Daily feeding guidelines are not enough when considering calories

      I started feeding my 10 lb cat the Vital Cat rabbit patties and at the point where he is being fed exclusively with this food. He is starving! Looking at the caloric content of one patty I would have to feed him at leat 4 patties per day not 1.5 to meet the average of 280 cal per day for a 10 lb cat.

      Response from Vital Cat: When you feed Vital Essentials, you will be feeding less calories than you would if feeding a regular kibble diet. The reason for this is because Vital Essentials is made up of 100% meat, no vegetables, fruits or other fillers. All of the calories from our food are being used by our pets and not just "passing through".

      My response to Vital Cat: Hi your argument does not make sense. Based on literature my cat needs an average 280 cal per day to be healthy. You are suggesting 92 calories (rabbit patties) based on your guidelines with the argument that most cat foods contain other ingredients that are not efficiently used by cats’ digestive systems. If I look at Royal Canin Digest Sensitive dry food I would need to feed 1/2 cup per day…this food contains 469 cal per cup which translates to 235 total calories per serving…now lets consider this food contains 50% protein and fat, the equivalent calories come to 118 calories so still a lot more than your guidelines. I already started feeding more patties to my cat and he is much happier.

      Cat can’t get enough of it!

      My cat is infatuated these rabbit patties; so much so that she has tried to jump from the floor into our cupboard, and will not stop crying until she gets some! Not to mention, these toppers have helped her to AVOID digestive issues, which most kibble and toppers haven’t been able to do.
      I highly recommend treating your kitty to these rabbit toppers, but be warned that your cat(s) won’t leave you alone until they get their fill!!

      Elli M
      My cat is obsessed

      These are amazing! I love that they are raw food and super healthy, my cat just loves them. I've been giving her pieces as snacks, and she has started demanding them (she yells at us while standing beside the cupboard where we keep them).


      For the first time in 10 years my cat has tried rabbit and loves it. This food is so healthy and real! No more kibble or canned food for my cat anymore!