We're siblings who love cats and want to provide cat owners with the best products to ensure the best lives for our feline companions

Combined, we have over 20 years of experience in the pet industry educating pet owners and helping rescued cats find homes

Our own adopted cats have inspired us to constantly research ways to enrich their lives as well as keep them as healthy as possible. We want to share our expertise in the field by providing not only the best cat products but also expert advice. Throughout the process we will also share honest, personal experiences that we’ve gone through with our rescued furbabies, while also providing ample information about how to improve your best cat’s life. 

We found ourselves driving across the country in search of the best cat products. When we entered pet stores they were always catered to dogs and it seemed that the cat products were an afterthought. 

We started Best Cat to change that and bring all of our cat's favourite products to one online location!

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Meagan and Kyle Daigle


Our Mission at Best Cat

Our Mission at Best Cat

Our Vision at Best Cat

Our Vision at Best Cat

Best Cat Inc. 2019

Our Journey

From a Basement


To a Bedroom


To Burlington

Thank you for supporting us

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