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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 15 reviews
      Haley Heaton
      Amazing toy

      I have a chubby cat that needs more exercise to help get to an healthy weight and this is the only toy he has ever shown interest is playing with. He perked up right away. The way it spins and flys, all my cats love it. They even want to carry it in their mouth like they caught a real bird.

      Sandy N.
      Crazy fun!

      Purchased this toy for our younger cat who has som much energy we thought she’d love it… she was afraid of it more than anything (but then again, she is a true scaredy-cat when it comes to just about ever). Her lazy brother on the other hand, LOVED it and it got him running and jumping and moving after it. Swinging the rod makes the feathers move like a bird in flight and really enjoyed chasing after it. Cool toy for cats…

      Bosa Savic
      George’s new favourite

      Whips around like a bird, it’s a big hit and he gets excited every time we open the closet we keep it in

      Gail Daoust
      Rating 50-50

      I bought Da Bird for my kitty who was bored and rejected most of her toys. I had it shipped since I don't drive anymore. She absolutely loves it and begins jumping for it as I take it out of the drawer. It arrived on time in excellent condition. This would have been 5 stars. However, I also ordered 2 extra heads to switch with the feathers, and the "bee" never arrived. It was not in the package. As there was no phone number on the website, I emailed and told them about it, expecting they would credit me for the amount, or send me the attachment. They have not responded at all and therefore, I would not order from them again.

      Sharon Landers
      Our fussy cats favourite toy

      As soon as I received this toy and started taking it out of the package, our cat was jumping up and couldn't even wait for me to finish unraveling the string. He normally doesn't show much interest in most cat toys other than ping pong balls and the occasional 'dollar store' feather on a wand type toy. Since this had such good reviews and I knew he liked feathers, I thought I would give this one a whirl. This one is SO much better quality than the Dollar store variety and has a nice weight making it bounce. My cat does not just like it, he LOVES it. It is so entertaining to watch him jump to grab for it. It has a nice long wand and string so you can even sit and move it while your cat plays. Although you may not be sitting for long though. Our cat loves to catch
      'da bird' in his mouth and then runs off with it so we end up having to chase him to get it back :) I hide it inside a bench when not in use and he often sits beside its hiding spot and meows telling me when he wants to play. I love that you can buy refills for it too. Highly recommend.