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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Teri Deatrich
      Nice carrier

      I never have to pull a scared cat out of the carrier at the vet. I pull the drawer open, then give pats and reassurances before taking kitty out. My other cat likes to nap in it! Very box like. Which cats love. A bit of a time to put it together, but once together it's great.

      Not so good

      This carrier is small i was really surprised by its size. I have four cats and my youngest she is small sized cat and she looked squashed inside. Putting it together was a bit frustrating I wished it came assembled and the pull out feature sucks cuz my cat jumps out before I could close it and if you have a medium size cat this thing won’t close easily. Non of my 4 cats liked this carrier and this calming feature didn’t seem to make it easier but more difficult cuz essentially you are closing a drawer if you will with a cat inside of it. I am sorry but nothing is good about this carrier again I have 4 cats 2 big cats and two small cats Alaska is tiny. That’s too bad I am stuck with a carrier I cannot use. This type of purchase I needed to make in a store it’s a difficult purchase something like this online cuz it’s hard to see and feel & it’s a must for this type of purchase.

      Becky Lavallee
      Really helpful!

      One of my babies, Penny, was a small kitten we found outside. Once we got her inside we quickly learned she had once belonged to someone and they threw her out. Now she’s in a very loving home but is terrified of these cat carriers, she thinks we are bringing her somewhere to get rid of her, my poor baby. It was so much easier putting her in this one. She was a lot less stressed. 💜 Makes travelling with Miss Penpen much easier for all of us.