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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Ashleah-Ann Rutherford
      We use this as treats

      My Meesh loves these little crunchy bites. We feed her raw and actually use these fishy kibbles as a treat for her and she LOVES them and I love the ingredient list. I've found it tricky to find healthy treats that Meesh has a strong reaction to and after trying a sample of Canyon River thanks to Best Cat, we figured out this is it. We just picked up a full bag - be sure to put this in a cupboard because they can SMELL it haha.

      Five paws

      My cats, who can be finicky, did not hesitate to gulp down this food. I look forward to trying out the other flavours.

      Janice Willerton
      Lacey LOVED thi food

      I just got a sample of this food and my cat DEVOURED it. I have never seen her scarf food the way she ate this stuff.. and then she looked for MORE! We will see if she likes it next time i give her some!... stay tuned!

      So. I went outside after i put the opened sample bag in a ziplock sanwich bag.. Lacey got on the table got the bag and chewed her way into it and was muchong down this cat food like there was no tomorrow!!