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      Customer Reviews

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      YAN FENG


      A. Somerton
      As close to game as it gets!

      My cat goes fanatical for these freeze dried products! While I'm preparing it he stretches up my leg and gives a little 'love' bite to say, "Hurry up!" which he never did with the canned stuff, and I was feeding him high quality cans too!
      Yes there is a bit of prep with the patties, but if you love your furry friend it will be of little issue. What I do to speed up the process is break the patty into little pieces, then add some water and then continue to break the pieces with a fork until I get the right consistency. The whole process doesn't take longer than 3 minutes, but the rewards for your kitty are worth it! I highly recommend this product and will continue to be a returning customer.

      Tanya Dahm
      Duck Liver

      1 of my 2 kitties absolutely loves it!! The smell is quote strong but oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️
      It’s good for them!

      Quack Quack

      My cat Iddy Biddy loves the duck patties. Duck is easy on her stomach and low in sodium. These vital patties are great for her health. I now rotate between turkey, rabbit and duck. Iddy biddy is enjoying pure proteins that she has never had before. Great brand!