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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Joanne Craig
      One Happy Cat

      Oscar was thrilled with this new toy - he knew as soon as the package came into the house that it contained somethng for him. He loves to leap up in the air to catch this new toy - something he hasn't done for a while with his older toys.

      Linda Melnychuk
      Awesome service

      I asked for this fur in white because my cat lost hers. She’d bring it to me, meowing with her mouth closed up and down the stairs multiple times a day. When I asked her where “baby” was she’d look around & twitch her tail. So, I ordered 2 just in case. Now her sister does the same thing but she brings baby to my daughter. Thank you for the 2 babies!

      Polly Ross
      Very furry fun!

      Our two oldest cats love this one, the eldest because he loves giving his prey a good grooming while kicking it to death, and this one is perfect for that.