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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      D. Ellies
      Great toy not kitten proof

      My very active and teething 4 month old kitten loves this toy but chewed it's head off within the first day of playing with it. Still his favorite toy ever.

      Mouse Madness

      I wasn't aware I could play tug of war with my cats until I got this toy. They like it so much I have to hide it from them when it's not play time or they'll grab it and start dragging the toy and rod around. It's more durable than the feather toys too, I'd absolutely recommend this toy!

      Cynthia Essiambre
      Best toy ever.

      My cat goes bonkers for this attachment. She even begs for it when its stored away. I like how much more durable it is. compared to the feather attachments.

      Diane St.Amant
      Da Mouse and Da Moth

      My siamese cat goes crazy over these. This is my second order as we wore the first ones out. She carries it around with the wand trailing behind when she wants to play😻

      Lise Creurer
      Wild feathery fun!

      Our Bengal cat Varda *loves* to jump and fly through the air after Cat Chaser! Quality product, and excellent service from Best Cat.