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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Joanne Craig
      favorite toy

      We've had several toys for our cat from you, but he absolutely loves Da Bee. Oscar tried to get into the package himself before I could open it and was practically tapping his toe until I got it attached to the wand. We always put these toys away between play-times because Oscar will try to rip them to shreds on his own if we leave it out. Great toy!

      Marci Sanko
      #1 toy

      Da Bee is a fan favourite for everyone! I am a foster mom and all kitties love it. Even my senior girl who never used to play loves it. She is not a fan of the other 'kids' in the house, but will still run over for a few swats at it and then take off! 🤣

      Shawna M
      Da Bee is Da Best!

      Da Bee is a high value toy at our house and has to be put away before it gets “killed” at the end of a play session. My cat Benny loves to play fetch with Da Bee or as a lure on a wand, and sometimes uses it as a garnish in his food bowl....I highly recommend Da Bee, especially if your cat seems uninterested in the usual toys.