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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Michelle Fang
      Well made and addictive little spicy fly

      My cat pulled a muscle in her leg she was going so crazy for this toy

      Kaitlynn Mitchell
      My Savannah Cats Love IT!

      I have two wild cats that go crazy for any toy that moves, looks or acts like real prey. This bumblebee has cute little feather wings that my youngest loves, she loves the way the fur feels real and looks like she's caught her prey when she struts around the room with this toy in her mouth. When it gets lost or stuck under the stove or fridge she will yowl so loud to alert us she needs assistance to retrieve her toy.
      Definitely would buy again!

      Michelle Sullivan
      Cats love it!

      Our 14 year old plays like a kitten again - absolutely a hit!

      Elizabeth Agnew
      Smaller than it used to be

      We’ve been buying these bees for our cat since she came home with us three years ago and she’s obsessed with them. They used to last at least two months, but the last couple orders I’ve put in, the bees have been smaller and she’s destroyed them literally overnight, so they don’t seem to be as well-made as they used to be unfortunately. She still loves them but we can’t justify buying 10 a month now to keep her entertained!

      Kathleen Reid
      Da Bee

      My cat is obsessed. A depression started to come over when it broke and shredded and we couldn’t find it anywhere. He sulked. I tried the 1000 other toys he has…. We ordered two bees and he is prancing around with a bee in his mouth and a stick behind and hasn’t put it down. I’m glad I ordered two. :)