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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Teri Deatrich
      My cat goes nuts

      This is his all time favorite toy. He will chase it up and down the stairs and everywhere else. He will meow by where it is hung up between play times to ask us to play with him. I don't know what they put into them that makes cats so crazy. Even my girl cat follows along, and takes a swipe at it between his pounces.

      Micheline Laberge
      Bonheur au bout d’un fil

      Nos 2 chats adorent la chasse à cette souris. Elle a été achetée pour notre chatte de 18 mois, mais notre doyen de 12 ans participe aussi.
      Cette souris est tellement réelle surtout quand c’est mon conjoint qui joue avec eux.
      C’est un jouet indispensable.

      Chantal Glandon
      Truly the best toy ever

      I have 5 cats, 3 being bengals, who all go ballistic for this toy. I've had to buy many replacements over the last two years but there is truly no other toys that can compare to this toy. I actually have to hide this one or it'll get eaten up. So it's a supervised toy with so many growls.

      Best cat amuser

      This is the best toy my cat has had. She looooooves it so, so much. Treats it like a real mouse cause it's texture makes her believe it's real. Loves it to bits.