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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Such an awesome toy!

      My cat loves this toy! It flutters around kinda like a bird, which is super neat and seriously triggers my cat's instincts! He jumps around like crazy trying to catch it. Excellent exercise and stimulation :) one feather fell off the very first play session, but despite that it still flutters around just as enticingly, and the other feathers are holding up after a few plays! Just have to take it away before he chews on it.

      Delphine Thibodeau-Gagnon
      My cats are crazy about it!

      I purchased this toy for my cat who only likes to play with her catnip mouse, as soon as she started playing with it she loved it! My kitten who think anything is a toy goes completely insane, growls and tries to run away with it. We also have to hide it in a drawer otherwise they try to steel it, they don't do that with any other toy <3


      I have two cats and they both LOVED this toy. We play with a wand daily on the recommendation of their vet to keep them active and stimulated. They have one they liked to play with before but this one wins hands down. My one cat was panting after playing and she’s quite active. I’ve had to hide it for now otherwise they’d still be playing. A great hit. Except I don’t think the attachment s
      will last that much longer if this level of play keeps up.

      Olga Malinowska
      Cat’s having the time of his life

      My cat adores this thing and he doesn’t like most toys. The spinning attracts his attention and the natural feathers seem to be his favourite thing to destroy.

      My rescue perks right up

      As soon as I grab this toy my rescue munchkin goes crazy! She will jump up high for this toy. Make sure to put it away securely at night. My cat will dig this out of any location to keep playing with it!