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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Judith Bullen
      Love this toy

      My big hunter loves the sparkler. He loves to decimate it-he’s destroyed about 15 of them. Like several other reviewers, he has to be supervised because he will try to eat it after he “kills” it. However, it keeps him engaged and calm. Everything we’ve had from this brand has been a hit and has been very therapeutic.

      Benjamin Kibblewhite
      Extremely attractive, but dangerous

      My cat *loved* this toy, but it took all of one afternoon for him to swallow a piece and vomit it up later. The tinsel breaks off easily and is fun to chew on, so it's no surprise he swallowed it. Cannot recommend.

      Sonia Beres

      We have two big boys who love this brand's toys, nothing else will do. We got this sparkle toy for them and they loved the sound and sparkles, but got bored after a while. Our suggestion is that if you store the toy away at night or swap out the toy every couple days, they get reintrested.

      Trudy Snetsinger
      Cat danger

      The strips easily bitten off and swallowed by large cats. Our big tom swallowed several and spent three days vomiting them up. The straps he vomited had all the metallic colour stripped off so he digested that toxic waste while it sat in his stomach for two days