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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Tania Valdron
      Cute little toy

      The girls loved watching the toy run around and batting at it.

      The toy is super quiet until falling on it’s side, where it gets pretty loud.

      It is fairly small (about the size of an eraser) so keep at eye on it during play as to not lose it.

      Got about 4-6 hours out of it before the batteries started giving out.

      Uses LR44 batteries which are a little harder to replace, non rechargeable.

      Overall good for the price but could use some improvements with the power source.


      My cat has no interest in this toy. So I kept it in the cat nip container for a week and brought it out again. He was a bit more interested but soon became bored. I then taped a feather to it, nope, he still could care less.

      Miss E
      Fun toy but terrible battery longevity

      My cat was very curious about this little nifty gadget. My cat would stare at it as the gadget swirl around on the floor and would chase it around. But the battery shelf life is terrible! I would have to turn off the gadget and let it rest for a good 10 minutes before it power back on and start swirling around. It only last about 5-10 minutes before it stop dead and I would have to let it rest again. I brought one before and it only lasted 1 month before it completely ran out of battery! I only brought another one because my cat likes playing with it so much. So, my final thought is that it is a fun toy that will keep your cat occupied for a while, but terrible battery longevity.

      Miss Roman
      best 3 minutes ever

      I had bought this for my cat and he was very interested in it. Chasing it around and just generally curious about what this tiny machine could be. Unfortunately I live in an older home that has seen many renovations, and it was only out of the box two whole minutes before it fell between a crack in the floor and a wall. We heard it bumping around but despite our rescue efforts it has wiggled itself deep into the abysmal world inside our walls.
      We've ordered a new one and will be keeping a closer eye on where we unleash this wonderful curious little contraption.
      It brings me peace thinking of the poor contractor who will one day discover it and wonder how or why it got behind our walls.

      Interesting little gadget that kept my cat curious

      This is a cat toy like I've never seen before. My cat was a little scared of it at first but then I think he got more and more curious, thinking it was like a live creature, as when I turned it off he meowed until I turned it back on.
      He is a little afraid when it touches him but isn't afraid to give it few whacks and watch it endlessly for minutes. It actually moves pretty well although goes in loops sometimes. Very impressed especially for the price. Will definitely be checking out more pidan toys!