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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Marlene George

      My 2 cats are scared of it! Moves too fast and makes too much noise!

      For hard floors, and gentler cats.

      My cat loved the tail on this but was a bit afraid of when I first turned it on. Also seems to be more enticing on a hard floor. After a lil while she started to play with it. I find I have more success when I play with it first. Then she starts to bat at it. After just a week of use though, the tail is already starting to break :( Looks like replacements do exist, but might need to pay and arm and a leg for shipping!

      Shae Granstrom
      Great toy, a little too much for my cat.

      My cats loves to chase things, this toy definitely peaks her interest. But she doesn't like how it moves and hits furniture. Still enjoys watching it hit the furniture, and loves the spinning yellow piece when it's stabilized. I think she's just not use to toys moving on their own.

      Chelsea Staines
      Fun toy, although a little predictable

      My cats loved this toy on it's own for about 5-10 minutes and then they got a little bored. They love the piece of fabric on this so I've just found some ways to keep the toys interesting by putting it in a bowl shaped scratcher or holding it above their heads. Worth the cost because it is pretty durable and it's easy to find ways to keep them coming back to it.